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Los caminos a California (Trails to California)

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Libro Los caminos a California (Trails to California)

How do you truly engage students in learning history? When students make personal connections to the subject, they’re much more motivated to learn. This Spanish book provides firsthand accounts of history that give personal insights into historical events. Introduce students to California’s early settlers including John Bidwell, Jim Beckwourth, Jedediah Smith, Sarah Royce, Charley Parkhurst, Kit Carson, the Donner party, and more. With a visually appealing layout, this book features captivating text, fun facts, sidebars, and time lines that help students grasp the essential concepts they need to know at their grade level. Packed with information and primary source maps, images, and documents, these books are perfect for reports or projects. The Read and Respond post-reading questions and a culminating activity sharpen critical-thinking skills while building reading comprehension and vocabulary.

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  • Ann Ingalls


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