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Libro Molinete

Molinete is a bashful little boy who is afraid of many things: crocodiles, short men, dreams, and unopened boxes. He is even afraid of his own father. Luckily, the boy manages to overcome these apprehensions with the help of one of his friends.

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La bruja Mon

Libro La bruja Mon

Cuatro historietas que tienen como protagonista a la bruja Mon. Con su vieja varita y las palabras mágicas se dedica a hacer travesuras. Pero, una y otra vez, intenta fastidiar a los demás y no se da cuenta de que, a veces, las cosas no salen como uno quiere. Un cuento en el que se muestra la importancia de hacerse responsable de los propios actos.

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Explore the magic and wonder of storytelling with this beautifully illustrated classic treasury padded keepsake book especially for boys. Young readers will be whisked away to 365 new and exciting adventures all paired with gorgeous illustrations and lively text perfect for keeping little ones engaged and entertained. An enchanting favorite kiddos will love! Bond with your child through family storytime and strengthen a love for books and reading Short tales allow adults to adjust how many stories and how much time to spend reading every day Classic stories and rhymes included: The Three...

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The farm animals don’t know what to do about the rude dog that constantly steals any tasty morsel that he finds. Will the dog ever learn his lesson? Los animales de la granja ya no saben qué deben hacer con el perro rudo que se está robando cualquier sabroso bocado que encuentra. ¿Aprenderá el perro su lección?

El león y el ratón (The Lion and the Mouse)

Libro El león y el ratón (The Lion and the Mouse)

While a mighty lion sleeps, a small mouse runs up its back and gets tangled in its mane. The lion is angry. No one should disturb the king of the beasts! The lion says that it will eat the mouse. But the mouse pleads for its life. The mouse claims that one day it may be able to save the life of the lion. The lion laughs at that. How could a tiny mouse save a mighty lion? But the lion decides to free the mouse anyway. Later, the lion is caught in a hunter's net. The lion cannot escape. Can the mouse save the lion from the hunter's trap?

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Libro El jardín del dragón púrpura

In China during the Han Dynasty, young Ping, doubting that she is the true dragonkeeper, struggles to care for the baby dragon, Kai, in the mountains of Tai Shan, until fate leads her back to the Imperial Palace and the Garden of the Purple Dragon, but even there, enemies abound.

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